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hello there! this a community for fans of twin actors luke and harry treadaway. it's basically just a place to discuss the boys and their projects and post photos or graphics, and just to get all fangirly about their general existance. pretty much anything goes, but if you want to post fanfiction, head on over to treadawayfic.

the treadaway twins are voyeuristic cross-dressing sextastic slightly incestuous love.
"hello ifilm!", "i-always-smoke-when-i-wank", "sextastic", "you're doing well mate", a-beer-a-steak-and-a-shag, acrobatics-on-hotel-luggage-trolleys, adam solomons, apparently-trying-to-do-all-the-taboo-stuff-ever, barry howe, being covered in food, being metaphors for germany, being-jealous-of-harry's-iphone, briefs, brothers of the head, cape wrath, chimples, city of ember, clapham junction, conjoined twins, control, convincingly debauched, cradle me, crossdressing surprisingly often, debates about sexual orientation, devon, dogging: a love story, doola and dawla, doon harrow, everyone-has-something-to-hide, fish tank, gay-belfast-hunk-of-the-month, george the third head, givin' me a bonio, harry knowing david tennant, harry treadaway, having-no-knowledge-of-the-industry, heartless, hot oil-filled massages, insanely perfect eyebrows, karl and franz, keith fulton, lizardsun, louis pepe, love you more, luke and harry treadaway, luke being completely naked, luke treadaway, mark brogan, mark brogan's emo fringe, mark ravenhill, meadowlands, method acting, minds in the gutter, money-spinning-freakshow, not-giving-a-shit-'cause-we're-sitting-in-a-car, not-talking-about-being-twins, over there, pelican blood, piranha heights, polly stenham, ramin gray, randomly-modelling-for-vivienne-westwood, recovery, saint joan, seriously daring roles, sex-scenes-with-much-older-women-(...and men), sharing shirts, shiny gloves, shiny silver suits, siamese twins, slightly incestuous, stephen morris, strange autistic boys, supposedly identical, the bang bang, the calling, the disappeared, the treadaway brothers, theo's-'come-hither'-look, theo/tim, tom and barry howe, tom howe, tony grisoni, translating porn dialogue, treadaway twins, twins, two-way romeo, viko, voyeurism (sometimes with binoculars), war horse, what comfort zone?, when-you-came-i-came